Location: Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot logging in and getting started

The following are issues and errors you might encounter when logging in or linking your Blackboard and Pearson accounts. Click an issue or error link for a description of what it might mean and the resolution.

Note: If you have previously registered for a Pearson MyLab & Mastering account from a Blackboard course, you must use the same Pearson account when enrolling in additional MyLab & Mastering courses from Blackboard. You can link only one Pearson account to your existing Blackboard account.

collapsedI cannot sign into MyLab & Mastering when I attempt to link my account.


collapsedSome pages in my course appear to be blank or don't fully load. How can I use all of the content in my course?


collapsedMy instructor does not see my name listed in the MyLab or Modified Mastering course roster or my work in the Pearson gradebook, but I am enrolled in the course and doing work.


collapsedYour accounts were not linked.


collapsedWe are sorry; your course did not load properly.


collapsedAn error occurred while processing the request.