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Use the math palette

If your answer requires special symbols (for example, fractions), the Math Symbols button appears to the right of the work area in the player. Click this button to display the math palette in a pop-up window. The palette contains templates that help you insert your answers.

Here is a brief example of how to use the math palette:


Math palette showing icons for entering math operators (like plus, divide, and times signs) and templates (like fractions) in you answer

If you want to insert the mixed fraction 2 1/3 into your answer, you would click this template:

Icon in the math palette for entering a mixed fraction

In the template in your answer, you would enter 2 in the box on the left, 1 in the top box on the right, and 3 in the bottom box on the right:

Example mixed fraction 2 1/3

In addition to the templates, the math palette includes these buttons:

Undo undoes your last keystroke.

More opens another palette that contains additional templates you can insert into your answers.

? opens this online help topic.

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