Anonymous responses in question results

When you ask a question in an Instructor-Led Synchronous class, or when students participate in an Automated Synchronous session, results are displayed anonymously. The only time students see non-anonymous data is during the Team Round in a Team-Based session. Students then see individual responses from other team members to facilitate discussion.

As an instructor, you can see the response of an individual student in two ways:

  • During the question delivery, click the seat map icon ( collapsedlocation of the icon), to display the location of students who have responded. You can select a green (correct) or red (incorrect) seat to see the student's name and response (and picture, if the student has connected his or her Learning Catalytics account to Facebook under the Account tab). You can also see the names of students who have not responded.

    Location of the seat map icon:

  • After class, review results for the session.

Note: When you click Show results to display the results to the students, only the anonymous results are displayed.