Devices students can use

Learning Catalytics is completely web-based so there is no software to install for you or for students.

To respond to questions: Students can use any modern web-enabled device, including laptops, smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and so on), and tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, and others).

To review previous sessions: If you enable the review option (in the module's settings), students can review previous sessions on a laptop.

Students with mobility issues: May have difficulty answering rich question types, such as sketch or region, which require response using either an input device or fingers. Encourage students to use the Switch to text response option in this situation.

Lend devices or print questions

For students who don't own a device, instructors have had success making inexpensive web-enabled loaner devices available, or directing students to a campus program for lending devices, perhaps through the campus library or technology center.

You can also supply a printed PDF version of the module questions. In the list of modules for a Learning Catalytics course, click in the row for the module, and then select Create PDF.

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