Learning Catalytics groups and teams

Groups or teams for peer discussion can be formed in several ways, and can be used in different kinds of module delivery.

Automatic groups for Synchronous sessions

In sessions where students respond to the same question at the same time, Learning Catalytics provides the opportunity for immediate peer instruction based on responses to each question. Automatic grouping identifies students based on settings you define and sets the stage for them to discuss their answers in a group.

For example, you might want to have students placed into groups of three, with at least one correct answer in each group. (And, of course, you don't want to tell students before discussion what the right answer is!)

Permanent or temporary teams for Team-Based sessions

In your settings for a Team-Based module you select whether to use permanent or temporary teams.

  • You create permanent teams in advance and use them for all Team-Based sessions throughout the course. When you use permanent teams for these sessions, students are able to begin answering questions as soon as they log in to the session.
  • Temporary teams are used only for the duration of the session. You can tell students which teams to join, or let students form and name their own teams at the beginning of the session. Allow time for this process if you use temporary teams.

See also Learning Catalytics in class (Team-Based).

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