Using Learning Catalytics in class (Team-Based)

After you have set up a Learning Catalytics course, notified students to confirm their access, and created a Team-Based module with questions, you're ready to deliver a session.

Each Team-Based module is delivered in two rounds:

  • Individual Round, when students answer all the questions on their own, either before or during class time.
  • Team Round, when students answer the same questions as a team during class time, submitting only one team response that counts equally for each team member.

If you want students to complete the Individual Round before class, consider using permanent teams for team assignments, or have them join temporary teams during the previous class session. If you use temporary teams, students are prompted to join their teams before you can begin the Individual Round. Temporary team formation works best if students are already in class together.

Video: Using a Team-Based Assessment module in class

Before class

During class

After the session

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