Use Learning Catalytics with an LMS

If you are seeing this Help page, you are reading Help for a standalone Learning Catalytics course; that is, a Learning Catalytics course that is not associated with a Pearson MyLab and Mastering course. The information in this topic is applicable only to standalone Learning Catalytics.

Learning Catalytics currently works with Learning Management Systems (LMS) through a link to the Configuration URL. When you use the Configuration URL to access Learning Catalytics from a compatible LMS, students need to register separately for Learning Catalytics and are prompted to log in to Learning Catalytics when they access it from the LMS.

Students have to log into Learning Catalytics when they go from an LMS assignment to Learning Catalytics. Also, student scores are not automatically transferred from Learning Catalytics to an LMS, but you can download the scores to a .csv file and then merge its data with the LMS.

Check with your institution's LMS administrator to confirm that the LMS is compatible with LTI 1.1, and that it supports the integration of outcomes from LTI launches.


Set up student access from the LMS

Signing in as an instructor