Use a mobile device to deliver a session

Using a smartphone or tablet, you can move freely around the classroom as you deliver a live classroom session (all module types except Automated Synchronous). You’ll find that you have all the same delivery options on your device as you do if you were stationary at the podium with a computer.

If you have a tablet, rotate it is so it is in landscape mode, and then log in to your Learning Catalytics account as usual. You will be able to access your modules and deliver questions using the same web-based interface you would use on your laptop or desktop.

If you have a smartphone, refer to this printable PDF file to see how to prepare and use your device to control Learning Catalytics during class.

Get ready

  • Set up Learning Catalytics courses, modules, and questions in advance on a computer. You can’t edit those on your mobile device.
  • Associate your course with a seat map if you want to view the distribution of correct and incorrect responses as students submit them, and if you want to use automatic grouping for peer discussions.
  • If you want to display the student window on a projector, sign in on a classroom computer or your own laptop in multiple-monitor mode. When the student window opens, drag it to the second (projector) monitor. (Students see almost all the same information on their devices, whether or not you use a projector for the student window.)

After the session

Return to your computer to review session results, student performance, and scores.