Add a classroom seat map

Using a classroom seat map provides two distinct benefits for Learning Catalytics sessions:

  • As students answer questions in an Instructor-Led Synchronous session or a Self-Paced session, either classroom-based or online, you can see responses as soon as they are submitted. If a question has correct and incorrect answers, the seats turn green and red accordingly. You can point to any seat to see who's sitting there and how they answered. In classroom-based sessions, you can associate the name with the student's face. Even in online sessions and asynchronous, you can see students' names and responses.
  • For Instructor-Led Synchronous sessions, both classroom-based and online, you can use seating proximity as a criterion for creating collapsedgroups for peer learning in that session.

    These are temporary groups for one session, not permanent teams that you can create in the Learning Catalytics course for Team-Based assessments.

Video: Adding a classroom seat map

Once a seat map is added for a classroom at your institution, it doesn't need to be created again. You can use a seat map added by someone else, and vice versa. And you can associate a classroom with an unlimited number of Learning Catalytics courses.

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