How do I set up Learning Catalytics in the classroom?

Learning Catalytics can be used in the classroom in several ways, depending on the equipment that is available to you.

Mobile device + Laptop + Projector You can now control instructor-led delivery from your mobile device, which gives you the freedom to move around the classroom to encourage even more engagement and interactivity among students. The new mobile UI also allows you to avoid switching between Learning Catalytics and presentation software like PowerPoint; simply keep your presentation software active on the computer connected to the projector and control Learning Catalytics from your mobile device. Questions and results will show up on student devices so you can reserve the projector for your slides or other content. To use the new mobile UI, point your mobile device to and log in using your instructor account credentials.

Laptop + Projector Attach your laptop to the LCD projector in the classroom, and then log in to Learning Catalytics. (Alternatively, log in to Learning Catalytics from a desktop computer in the classroom that is attached to an LCD projector.) Make sure that your computer is in multi-monitor mode (where the projector screen functions as a second monitor and not as a “mirror” of the main screen). Now, when you start a new class session (click “Start new session” for the lecture you want to run) you will see a new window pop up called the “student window.” Drag this student window onto the projector screen. The student window initially shows only the class session ID for students to use when they log in (and will always continue to show this ID). When you deliver a question, the student window will show the question prompt; when you are ready to show students the results (e.g., the histogram of responses), then you can click a results button and the student window will show the results to students. This way, you see student responses in real time but students don’t see them until you are ready. With the exception of the top bar of the student window, everything shown in the student window is also shown to students on their devices as well.

Laptop only (no projector) If your classroom does not have a projector, you can still use Learning Catalytics, because almost everything shown on the student window is also shown on student devices. Follow the same steps above, with the exception of dragging the student window to the projector window — you will simply keep the student window on your main screen, and it will serve as a reminder of what students are currently seeing on their devices. The only extra step you will have to take is to tell students at the beginning of class what the class session ID is (e.g., by writing it on the blackboard).

Laptop + Projector + iPad (or second laptop) If you have an iPad, netbook, or a second laptop, then you can connect your main laptop to the projector (as described above) and simultaneously log in to Learning Catalytics from a second device (iPad, netbook, or second laptop) that you walk around the room with. On the computer connected to the projector, maximize the student window so it sits in front of the instructor window -- this way, students will only see the student window on the projector. (Do not close the instructor window.) The advantages to this setup are that you can:

  • Control question delivery from the second device, even though it is not directly connected to the projector.
  • Keep tabs on student responses (including looking at the seat map, if you have set that up for your classroom) while you are walking around the room and listening to student conversations.