Units for numerical responses

Students can be asked to enter appropriate units for numerical questions. Most standard units of measurement are supported, and the scoring engine is smart enough to be able to accept equivalent responses that use different numbers and units. (For example, 2 ft and 24 in are considered equivalent.)

If you want student responses to be evaluated based on their use of appropriate units, enter the correct response (and/or upper and lower tolerance limits) using appropriate units when entering the question. If you enter a number without units, then students will also need to enter a number without units in order for their response to be scored as correct.

Important: All units, including currency units, for numerical responses need to be appended to the answer to be marked correct. You need to append the unit value when creating the question. Students need to append the unit value when answering. The unit value isn't case sensitive; however, it needs to be appended to be graded correct. For more information on automatic scoring of numerical questions, see Descriptions of options.

For lists of units and SI prefixes that Learning Catalytics allows, see these Student Help topics: