What's new in Learning Catalytics?

Learning Catalytics is pleased to announce the following new features for July 2020.

Manage Courses – Archive / Unarchive

Manually Archive Courses

For instructors, at the end of a grading period or school year, you can manually archive courses from the Course Listing area. Archiving a course removes it from the Active courses list. You can still find the course with the Archived courses or All courses filter.

  • No course content or enrollment information is lost during the archiving process.

Courses can be manually archived using the following process:

  1. Click Courses.
  2. Select a course from Active or All filter options
  3. Click the gear to the right of the course you wish to archive.
  4. Select Archive coursefrom the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Confirm to complete. The course now appears in the Archived course list

Once a course is archived, it is tagged "[Archived]" on the course listing table.

Manually Restore Archived Courses

If you've manually archived a course, it can be restored (Un-archived) from the Archived course list using the following process:

  1. Click the gear to the right of the course you wish to restore.
  2. Select the Unarchive course option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Confirm to complete. The course now appears in the Active course list. It is no longer tagged as an Archived course

Filtering Archived Courses

There are three filter options we introduce to the course list section to organize courses.

  • Active courses – Only shows active courses
  • Archived courses - Only shows archived courses
  • All courses - Shows all courses, both active and archived

New Login Screen

Both instructors and students will be presented with a new login screen. A few steps are required when a user first logs in to the application.

Add Learning Catalytics to Mobile Home Screen

When they log into Learning Catalytics on their mobile browser, students see a message instructing them to add a shortcut to Learning Catalytics on their mobile home screen.

This enables students to access Learning Catalytics directly, without having to navigate to the application.

Recent features

The following features have recently been added to Learning Catalytics.

Identify student participation in real time

You can now see the total number of students who joined the session and those who are currently active. This shows how many students are no longer active in the session.

Search questions by tags or keywords

You can now search for questions by tags only or keywords only, as well as by both tags and keywords. The default setting remains tags and keywords.

View total score in the gradebook

The Gradebook now includes

  • The total possible score for all modules and each module. This number is visible in the column header
  • Each student's score for all modules as well as for each module