How to enter Learning Catalytics

If you're reading this topic, you are in the standalone Learning Catalytics Help. This may be exactly where you need to be. But, if you're enrolled in a MyLab and Mastering (MLM) course, you need to go to a different Help file, and you might need to reenter Learning Catalytics.

You enter a standalone Learning Catalytics course from the Learning Catalytics website.

However, if you are in an MLM course and there are Learning Catalytics assignments in the MLM course, you need to cross over to Learning Catalytics from that MLM course. Here's why. If you enter Learning Catalytics from a different MLM course or from the Learning Catalytics website, the scores from any work you do will not be transferred to your MLM course's Gradebook.

When you cross over from a MLM course to Learning Catalytics, you automatically get the correct Help system in Learning Catalytics. You can also use the links below to navigate to the right Learning Catalytics Help site.