Location: Initial course setup

Initial course setup

After linking your Canvas and Pearson accounts, you can create a MyLab or Modified Mastering course to pair with your Canvas course. There are two ways to create this course:


To create a MyLab or Modified Mastering course:

  1. Enter the Canvas course.
  2. Click a MyLab & Mastering link or module in Course Navigation.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Click I Accept for the End-User Agreement and Privacy Policy, if applicable.
  5. Use one of the following options on the Create a Course page to create your new course:

    collapsedCopy one of your existing MyLab or Modified Mastering courses.

    1. Under Copy Existing Course, click My List. On the Search Existing Courses page, click Select for the course you want to copy.
    2. Click Search icon.

    collapsedCopy another instructor's course.

    1. Under Copy Existing Course, enter the course ID. For example: smith192837
    2. Click Search icon .

    collapsedSearch the catalog for the course materials.

    1. Under Choose from catalog, select a discipline and type an author’s name, textbook title, or ISBN in the Search box. Click Search icon.
    2. On the Select Course Materials page, click Select for the materials you want.
    3. Continue with step 4.

  6. Click Select New Edition or Select Current Edition, if applicable.
  7. collapsedEnter the course information for your MyLab or Modified Mastering course:
    1. Either use the default Student Course or select Instructor Course. An instructor course is only used for organizing your course structure and customizing assignments. It is not a coordinator course. Students cannot enroll directly in an instructor course, but can enroll in student copies of the course.
    2. Enter a course name for the MyLab or Modified Mastering course you are creating.
    3. (Optional) Select the All Copy check box to give permission to other instructors to copy your Pearson course. If you plan to give your course ID to other instructors so they can copy the course, you must grant permission.
    4. Select the course start and end dates. Students cannot access the course until the start date.

    5. Click Create Course.

    The You're done! page appears. Close the tab or window to return to Canvas.

Important! Look for the confirmation email that lets you know when your MyLab or Modified Mastering course is available and ready for use. Links from your Canvas course to MyLab & Mastering do not work until you receive this email.

You should receive the email within an hour, but it may take up to three hours depending on the server traffic. If you do not receive the email within three hours, check your spam filter. The email will come from support@pearson.com. You may want to add this address to your approved senders list.

When you receive the confirmation email, add the MyLab & Mastering course components to your Canvas course.