Access Code

An access code represents prepaid access to Pearson online courses and products. You might buy an access code in an individual kit from a bookstore or it might come with your new text book. If you use an access code for a registration, it can't be used again. A sample access code is SIMPLE-FRILL-TONLE-WEIRS-CHOIR-FLEES.

Note: When you finish a registration, you can immediately go to your course. If you don't already have an access code, you don’t get one as the result of the registration.

To use your access code:

  1. Enter your access code in the boxes or copy and paste the whole access code into the first box.
  2. Click Finish. A Confirmation page appears where you can check your order details and go to your course.

Get an Access Code

Students and instructors have different ways of getting access codes.



Go to the website for your product and follow the instructions for requesting access.

If there is no option to request access, contact your Pearson sales representative:

If you need more help, go to Pearson Support.