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NoodleBib is an online teaching tool that aids students with identifying source material and creating a bibliography that is APA, CMS, or MLA compliant. NoodleBib provides help for individual citation questions, guides you through the process of learning, and facilitates the creation of bibliographies.

Note: The NoodleBib feature may or may not be available depending on the instructor's course settings.

This procedures for using NoodleBib are:

Create a bibliography in NoodleBib
Insert a NoodleBib bibliography into a document
Create notecards in NoodleBib

These procedures present a first-time walkthrough of three NoodleBib processes you may want to use. For full details on using NoodleBib, refer to the NoodleBib User's Guide, accessible through the Help button in the NoodleBib window.

To open the NoodleBib window:

  1. Open the assignment or click the Composing tab to display the composing space.
  2. Click the Cite Sources link under Research (in the Writer's Toolkit).

    The Cite My Sources window is displayed.

  3. Click the Create List button.

    The NoodleBib window is displayed. Click the Help button for links to the NoodleBib knowledge base, user guide, and support center.