Set up course groups

You can set up a course group either from your LMS course or MyLab and Mastering. Course groups only apply to MyLab courses. Mastering does not offer course groups.

Direct integrations: Set up your course group starting from your LMS course, not MyLab and Mastering.

See MyLab Help for how to set access privileges for section instructors and TAs.

If applicable, provide registration instructions to section instructors or TAs.

See Set up course groups for how to create a course group in your LMS.

Using Mastering? Sorry, Mastering doesn't offer course groups. A Mastering course can only be a student or instructor course. For student enrollment, pair your LMS course with a copy of a Mastering student course. Because student courses aren't member courses, they don’t inherit updates made after the course copy.

The coordinating instructor or section instructors pair the courses.

If any of your settings in the coordinator course aren't reflected in the member sections, save the settings again from the coordinator course.

Learn more

See a guide for creating MyLab and Mastering course groups by product and discipline.

See your LMS Help to learn about master courses and copied sections.


Updated 29 Mar 2024