Student access to your course

If you are seeing this Help page, it means you are reading Help for Learning Catalytics that is not associated with a Pearson MyLab or Mastering course. See important information below.

To access a Learning Catalytics course, a student must create a student account and join a session.

Important: If you are using a Pearson MyLab or Mastering course with your class, collapsedread more...

Student accounts

Students create accounts in two ways. If you decide to purchase a bulk license from Learning Catalytics to cover the students in your course, department, or institution, then you will receive a sign-up code that students can use to create accounts. Alternatively, if you prefer that students purchase their own accounts individually, students will create accounts by using a credit card. (More details about licensing and pricing)

After a student has created an account, he or she can use it in any number of courses during the subscription period (semester, quarter, or year).

Entering student IDs

If you're planning on downloading your students grade from Learning Catalytics to another system or Learning Management System (LMS), you'll need student IDs. Either you or your students can enter the IDs in Learning Catalytics.

Joining a session in your course

When a Learning Catalytics session begins, Learning Catalytics generates a session ID. For in-class sessions, students select or enter that ID to join that session. If you display the Presentation window on a projector, the session ID appears in large type at the top of the screen.

Students who join your session are automatically linked to your Learning Catalytics course—you don't need to do anything manually.

To see the list of students in a course

  1. Click to display the list of your courses.
  2. In the row for a course, click , and then click Students.

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