Enter numeric value with unit answers

Updated 15 Sep 2023

You can enter answers to number with unit questions on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

To get full credit on these questions: Enter BOTH the value and unit parts of the answer, such as 26 kg. Sometimes the unit is provided for you.

Enter the Value part of your answer

Select the Value box (the word Value disappears) and enter your answer. If you submit an incorrect value, you lose an answer attempt.

Grading tolerance and significant figures

Enter the Units part of your answer

Choose the Units box (the word Units disappears) and enter a unit abbreviation, made up of acceptable characters and symbols. View list of recognized units

  • If you submit an incorrect answer using an unrecognized unit: You do NOT lose an answer attempt. You may receive some feedback about how to enter the unit format correctly.
  • If you submit an incorrect answer using a recognized unit: You lose an answer attempt and any associated credit.

To work with or edit your value with unit answers

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