Location: Create a personal document

Create a personal document

Whether you are working on your own or in an instructor's course, you can create personal documents in the composing space. A personal document is one that is not part of an assignment.

To create a personal document:

  1. Click the Composing tab.

    The MyLab displays the composing space, and it displays the buttons and options you can use for a personal document.

  2. Create the personal document in the text editor.
  3. Enter the document's file name in the Essay Title text box (at the top of the composing space).
  4. Select the File – Save or the File – Save and Close command to save your document.

    The MyLab lists the document under My Personal Documents on the To Do page.

  5. Click the document's Title on the To Do page when you want to edit it.

You can also submit a personal document to Pearson Tutor Services and to SourceCheck to double-check that you have cited any copied content.

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