Using different types of course materials

Updated 11 Aug 2021

Click any asset to open it. Available assets may include any of the following:

Asset Type Description


Term used to refer to specific assets, such as homework, quizzes, or tests, that contain questions used to evaluate your performance.


Online discussion board where you can reply to questions posted by your instructor and read and reply to responses or questions posted by other students.


Opens a specific Pearson eText associated with your course.


Opens a specific web-compatible file; file types can include HTML, MS Office Documents, Flash, Images, Media, PDF and most other file formats supported by web browsers.


Used to organize course materials. Can contain other folders or assets. Click to open the folder. To return to the previous folder, click the back arrow at the top of the list or click a folder name that appears in the navigation trail to the right of the arrow.


Enables you to access related web-based resources. 


Opens an HTML page.

Study Plan

Provides you with an individualized learning experience that is based on your needs. May include a collection of two tests (pre-test and post-test) supported by study material. The pre-test checks your initial understanding of concepts. You then receive study materials to improve your understanding, prior to taking the post-test. To learn more about study plans, see Work on study plans.

To display all course materials available to you do one of the following tasks:

  • Select View All Course Materials
  • Select Course Materials

From this page you can:

View or hide progress

You can click View Progress (or Hide Progress) to show (or hide) asset details. Use the Status column to view whether an asset was started, submitted, or viewed.

If hidden, click View Progress to review the Score, Total Time, number of Attempts, and date of your last attempt.

This information appears for all activities.

Open assets

To open an asset, click its name or select Open from the context menu.

View grades and submissions

To view your grade for an asset, select View Grades from the context menu. The Grades page appears.

If enabled, to view your asset submissions, select View Submissions from the context menu to open the View Submissions window and review your work. To see this button in a study plan, first open the study plan.

The View Submissions button appears next to an activity only after you submit the assignment or study plan materials.

View information about assets

To view information about an asset , select Get Information from the asset context menu. The Information page appears with the following details:

  • Title: The asset title.
  • Description: A description of the asset, if available.
  • Skills: The skill(s) associated with the asset.
  • Standard: The standards that are aligned with the skills.