Learning Catalytics scores

Student scores for a Learning Catalytics session are governed by settings, point values you select for the module, and how many times you deliver the same scoring question(s) in a given session. When a scoring question(s) in the module is delivered multiple times, the total points possible is calculated as total instances delivered x points per question.

After students respond to questions, they see scores for their automatically graded questions at the top of their session review page. The same scores, plus any points you award manually, are visible to you in the Learning Catalytics Gradebook.

Students do not have access to the Learning Catalytics Gradebook.

Optionally, you can have scores transferred to your Pearson course Gradebook automatically.

Video: Working with Learning Catalytics scores

Scoring options

Scoring options are the same for Instructor-Led Synchronous, Automated Synchronous, and Self-Paced modules, and similar for Self-Test modules. Team-Based modules use an entirely different scheme, for which you set different options.

Important: Any edits to scoring options for an existing module affect scores for all sessions that will be or have been delivered using that module in the same course.

View results and responses, manually mark non-scored answers, and edit scores

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