Do assignments in the student player

Updated 17 May 2024

To do assignments online, you'll answer most questions in online learning tools or apps. The most common tool is referred to as the student player. The player automatically checks answers and reports the results to you and to your instructor.

Some assignments might have their own app that you use outside of the player.

To do homework assignments:

  1. Select the assignment from your Course Home or the Assignments > Homework and Tests page to open the Do Homework page.

    If you previously worked on the homework, the Do Homework page shows your progress so far.

  2. Select a question or select Start to open the player and begin working.

  3. Answer a question and select Check answer.

    Some questions have multiple parts, each of which you must complete and select Check answer.

  4. If your answer is wrong, you can try again.

    If you run out of tries or want more practice, select Similar question. Otherwise, select Next question.

  5. If you answer correctly, select Next question or navigate to questions by:
    • Selecting an arrow at the top of the window to go to the next or previous question:

    • Selecting a question or media item from the question list:

      You can collapse and expand the question list using the arrow at the top of the list.

    • Selecting the Homework Overview icon on the top left to choose a question:

      An information icon that opens the Homework Overview

  6. Select Get more help to get tutorial help. In some cases, you also can select Help me solve this or View an example. If available, select Skill Builder to do adaptive practice.
  7. Select Save to submit your completed homework or to save and finish later. The Do Homework page opens.
    • To view your completed the homework, select Review. If allowed, you see your score and your results icon on each question.
    • To return to and finish an uncompleted homework, select a question or Resume to continue.

      You can return and continue working up to the due date or until you run out of attempts. On the Do Homework page under Attempts, you see how many times you can try the assignment. The Resume option does not display if you are out of attempts.

For detailed steps to answer questions in the player, see Answer questions in the player.