Take proctored tests

Updated 17 May 2024

When you do a test or quiz online, your instructor can require automated proctoring. Your computer's webcam monitors your work and makes a video that your instructor can review after you finish. If the application detects anything that might indicate cheating, your instructor gets an alert.

Proctoring is done by Respondus Monitor Proctoring.

Your instructor might combine proctoring with the Pearson LockDown Browser, which prevents you from opening other browser windows or applications during the test or quiz.

To take a test or quiz with Respondus Monitor Proctoring:

  1. Have your photo ID ready and clear your workspace.

    If objects like your cellphone are visible, your session might be flagged for potential cheating.

  2. Open the test or quiz, as usual.
  3. If necessary, install the Pearson LockDown Browser.
  4. Follow the start-up instructions.

    Usually, you need to take a photo of your face, show your photo ID, and check your webcam's audio and video.

    The "It's not working" and "Need More Help?" links open a live chat window where you can get help with the start-up steps. You also can go to https://web.respondus.com/support if you have problems accessing a test or quiz.

  5. Do the entire test or quiz.

When you submit the assignment, a video of your session saves so your instructor can review it.