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MyLab and Mastering integration ( LTI 1.1)

Access Pearson integration (LTI 1.3)

Access Pearson Codeless integration (LTI 1.3) for Barnes & Noble, Follett-Willo, and VitalSource

Direct integration

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Check the Launch Type in Diagnostics or the information below for help identifying which integration was set up for you. Contact your Brightspace administrator if you're still unsure.

Direct integration

You'll see Direct integration links in modules. These modules often include the MyLab or Mastering product name. For example, MyLab Math - Student Resources.

Direct integration links under Content Browser

MyLab and Mastering integration

The app is usually named MyLab and Mastering.

Screenshot of the MyLab and Mastering tools link

Access Pearson integration

The app is named Access Pearson.

Screenshot of the Pearson link

Access Pearson Codeless and Partner (CPI) integrations

Barnes & Noble

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Course Pairing page


RedShelf is currently supported only by Partner (CPI) integrations. Access Pearson Codeless will support RedShelf at a future date.

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Updated 29 Mar 2024