Get students started

Updated 27 Dec 2021

After you pair your LMS course with a MyLab or Mastering course, it’s simple for your students to open MyLab and Mastering or Pearson. Students link accounts and might need to purchase access. Options include pre-purchased access code, credit card, PayPal, or free 14-day temporary access. You don't need to give students course IDs or invite links.

Communicate your course activity expectations and grade weighting with students. Let them know what's required for your course, including purchase options. Share registration instructions with your students early so they can immediately engage with course materials. We suggest sending an email to students before classes start.

Students can download diagnostics to provide to Pearson support.

Student Help

Students access Student Help from their LMS courses.

Student registration instructions

Share these instructions for the MyLab and Mastering integration with your students. Also included are instructions for Sakai, which is only available for the Pearson integration.

What's next... After students get started with MyLab and Mastering or Pearson, set up grade sync, if available.