Open Pearson

Updated 27 Jun 2022

  1. Log in to the LMS as an instructor and enter your course.
  2. Select the Revel and eText or Pearson link. (Add the link if you don't see it.)
  3. Agree to any authorization requests.
  4. If you haven't already, add or copy Revel or eText content to your course.
  5. From the Pearson Home page, you can open your Revel or eText content, edit the content name or dates, or set whether other instructors can copy your content. Also access Help, Support, and Notifications.

    Depending on your integration, the items in the Options menu differ. For example, you access Diagnostics differently from Blackboard.

    Sample Pearson Home page

    To open Revel or eText content, select its icon.

    Content icon

    Or choose Open from the Options menu.

    Options menu