Get started with Revel and Pearson eText for your LMS

Updated 03 Aug 2023

Open and teach with Revel, Pearson eText, or Live Response content from your Learning Management System (LMS). You might work with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, Sakai, or Schoology.

To get started, go to the instructions for your integration. Don't know your integration?

Set up the Revel and eText or Access Pearson integration

To set up the Revel and eText (LTI 1.1) or Access Pearson (LTI 1.3) integration:

  1. Prepare your LMS course.

  2. Add or copy Revel or Pearson eText content to your LMS course. Add assignment or course tool links if available.
  3. Get students started.
  4. Sync grades.

Set up the Partner CPI integration

Set up the Partner CPI integration (LTI 1.1) for Barnes & Noble, Follett-Willo, RedShelf, or VitalSource.

Set up the Codeless Inclusive Access integration

Set up the Codeless Inclusive Access integration (LTI 1.3) for Barnes & Noble, Follett-Willo, or VitalSource.