Dynamic Study Modules:
Test and improve your knowledge

Updated 24 Aug 2023

Based on brain science research, Dynamic Study Modules can help you to study and remember what you learn. When Dynamic Study Modules are available in a course, your instructor may assign them for credit. Or, you can complete modules for independent study at your option.

  • Finish any assigned module before its due date. No credit is given for questions you master after the due date. Each assigned Dynamic Study Module contains a single module. The Mastering Scores page shows credit for your completed questions only AFTER you finish each question set.
  • Assigned modules are from the same set of modules available for independent study. If you complete a module on your own and it gets assigned later, you'll receive credit for the assignment on your Mastering Scores page. This also applies to any Gap Finder diagnostic modules.

Watch a video: Why use Dynamic Study Modules

Open Dynamic Study Modules

When Dynamic Study Modules are available from your Mastering course home, you can open them from your computer or tablet.

Work on Dynamic Study Modules

You can work on a Dynamic Study Module for independent study or as an assignment, if your instructor has assigned it in your Mastering course.

Results and scores for Dynamic Study Modules

Completing Dynamic Study Modules may help you get better results on your coursework or exams. They may also factor into your score in a Mastering course.