Adjust scores and settings per student (for one assignment)

For any standard Mastering assignment or  Adaptive Follow-Up assignment, you or any section instructor with the Gradebook privilege can make the following adjustments for one or more selected students, or for all students in the course:

  • Grant an exemption or extension.
  • Increase or decrease the assignment score.
  • Change the time limit for a timed assignment.
  • Reset the assignment (delete all work) so the student or students can start again.

For a "" Dynamic Study Modules assignment or a Learning Catalytics session, a subset of these options are available, as described in the list of settings below.

To grant credit for a part question to all students in the course, see Give your class credit for an item part.

How to access the adjustment settings

You can access the per-student settings from several starting points in Mastering.

Note: For Learning Catalytics scores, you can access Mastering adjustment settings only from the Mastering Gradebook. See details below.

Settingsā€”instructions and details

For each setting you want to adjust, make changes as described below, and then click Save.

Tip: During peak times for grade calculations, like near the end of the course, there may be a delay before your score adjustments appear in the Gradebook. If you notice this, check back later. (No student data or grades are lost when this delay happens.) If the issue lasts more than 24 hours, contact Pearson Support.

What students see

Affected students see the results of your date adjustments on their Course Home, Scores page, and from an open assignment. Exemptions are visible on their Scores page. Score adjustment information appears when students click the info button next to the assignment score in an open assignment.