Adjust an assignment for a student—exempt; change due date, score, or time limit; and reset

Updated 09 Feb 2024

For any standard Mastering assignment or  Adaptive Follow-Up assignment, you or any section instructor with the Gradebook privilege can make the following adjustments for one or more selected students, or for all students in the course:

  • Grant an exemption or extension.
  • Increase or decrease the assignment score.
  • Change the time limit for a timed assignment.
  • Reset the assignment (delete all work) so the student or students can start again.

If you apply one or more of these assignment adjustments to individual students — The adjustments do not get overwritten if you later make other assignment edits intended for the rest of the class.

Watch a video: Individual student settings for an assignment

To grant credit for a part question (within an item) to all students in the course, see instead Give your class credit for an item part.