Use the Mastering Gradebook

Open the Gradebook by selecting Gradebook from either the course menu or from the Course Home (Gradebook link in the Mastering Performance area).

 Video: Use the Gradebook

none Welcome to the Mastering Gradebook

Gradebook data and student work

Important: Any section instructor can see all student data, without being granted any specific privileges.

Gradebook management

Click  Manage to use additional features for managing the Gradebook and assignments. For section instructors, these tasks require the Gradebook privilege.

Learning outcomes

Click  View Learning Outcomes Summary to assess and report on learning outcomes that are associated with performance on Mastering assignments. For section instructors, these tasks require no specific privileges.

Dynamic Study Module reports

When Dynamic Study Modules are available in your course, you can check student progress on these modules by selecting Dynamic Study Modules (top right) from the Gradebook. The reporting area opens in a new window or tab. Use these reports to identify and remediate any trouble spots. For section instructors, this task requires no specific privileges.

Tip: You can also access the Dynamic Study Modules reporting area from the Course Home by selecting Dynamic Study Modules Reporting from the Mastering Performance area.

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