Transition to Access Pearson (LTI 1.3)

If your LMS administrator installed the Access Pearson (LTI 1.3) tool for your institution, you can:

Unsure if your institution installed the Access Pearson (LTI 1.3) tool? Check with your LMS administrator.

Important: If your institution has installed the Access Pearson (LTI 1.3) tool, you need to use LTI 1.3 for pairing new LMS courses after the upgrade date but can still access existing LMS courses paired using  LTI 1.1. See Upgrade new courses to Access Pearson for details.

Migrate assignment links to Access Pearson

If you're using Canvas or your LMS administrator set up assignment link migration for Blackboard or D2L Brightspace, your assignment links are automatically migrated (copied) when transitioning existing paired courses to Access Pearson. See About assignment link migration for details.


Updated 25 Apr 2024