Adaptive Follow-Up assignments

Updated 24 Aug 2023

Your instructor may assign some Adaptive Follow-Up assignments in your course. Adaptive Follow-Up assignment items are targeted for your personal areas of weakness. They give you another chance to learn, review, and answer questions correctly so you can improve your performance in the course.

Watch a video: Adaptive Follow-Up assignments

Complete an Adaptive Follow-Up assignment

After you complete an Adaptive Follow-Up assignment

  • When question set items are for credit vs. for practice, any credit you gain improves your total score in the Mastering course.
  • You can rework its items for practice.
  • You can review answers and hints in the Follow-Up assignment.
  • You may be able to return to its Parent assignment for review. See instructions provided above.
  • When available, consider checking the Study Area for more study materials. A link to the Study Area may be provided on your completed Adaptive Follow-Up assignment.