Add assignment, course tool, or eText links

Students use links to open MyLab or Mastering assignments, course tools, such as Grades, or eText (also called eTextbook) from your LMS course.

Set up links

Select your integration and LMS to see instructions.

About links

  • Copy: For links to work in a new LMS course paired with a new MyLab and Mastering course, you must copy the same MyLab and Mastering course you paired with the original LMS course.
  • Availability: Links are automatically available to students unless you change their publish status in your LMS course.
  • Due dates: Due dates only appear on the LMS calendar if you're using Blackboard or Canvas and sync grades. They don't appear on the LMS calendar for D2L Brightspace, Moodle, Sakai, or Schoology.
  • Mastering: To see the links for practice and reading Mastering assignments, make sure they have due dates and then choose the Assignments option for grade sync. Select the practice and reading assignments and then sync grades. You'll see the links and dashes for associated grades in the LMS gradebook.

  • Offline items: Assignment or course tool links don't apply to offline items.


Updated 29 Mar 2024