Search the Item Library

Updated 31 Jan 2023

You can access your course's Item Library from either of these locations, where you can search to find assignable items for your students.

  • The Item Library page, where you can browse to become acquainted with the items available in your Mastering course, without having to create an assignment.
  • The 2 Items page, where you can assign items as you create or edit an assignment. (The 2 Items page is available as you create or edit an assignment.)

You can categorize items you like to assign as My Favorites or use the keyword search to match a term in an item title or its content. A set of Featured Items appears at the top of the items results list. Featured items provide students with hints, wrong answer feedback, and extra support.

The items found by searching appear in "" List View unless you choose the more visual "" Card View. Card View shows thumbnails of images or video.

Tip: If you’re unsure of any term you see on the page, point on it to view an explanation for more detail.

Specify book/source filters


Make selections for the Book/Source, Chapter, and Section, Concept, or Learning Outcome to specify the primary scope of your search. Whenever you change a source selection, the item results list lower on the page changes dynamically.

When printed books contain other divisions (such as units, modules, topics, or concepts) Mastering provides these divisions and terms whenever possible.

Find items by content characteristics


Use the content filters to find items with specific characteristics. The keyword search locates items whose content contains the search term. The item results list below this area updates dynamically with content that matches your selections.

Search for Interactive Labs —
You can do a keyword search on Interactive Lab if you preset the Book/Resource to Pearson Lab Resources, 1e and if the selected Chapter contains Interactive Lab items.

To clear all your Item Library filter selections at once —
Select Clear All at the end of the Selected Filters row.


For descriptions about the information displayed for each item, see Item information (column descriptions).


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